How to make Vegan Corn Chowder

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This vegan corn chowder is the ideal light summer feast. It’s Warm,Solid,Fulfilling, Stacked with summer produce,fast and simple. Below you will find all you need to know to get this recipe done in no time.

Corn is the among the healthy recipes add-ons .

It’s a one-pot vegan corn chowder. We love vegan potato corn chowder instant pot for simple cooking and cleanup.
Solid and nutritious. It’s an extraordinary method for getting your day to day portion of vegetables, and the fiber in the corn will assist with keeping you feeling full. Furthermore, this soup is dairy and gluten free.
It’s likewise really simple to make this vegan corn chowder – you’ll have it on the table in a matter of moments. Present with a side of dry bread for a total feast. Also, assuming that you figure out how to have extra, the extras are far and away superior.

vegan corn chowder Ingredients :

Corn – We love using fresh corn when it’s in season, but both canned and frozen corn can be used for ease and convenience.

Aromatics – These include onion, garlic, bell pepper, and celery which add tons of flavor and texture. Feel free to add extra of anything!

Potatoes – We love the addition of potatoes as it helps to add creaminess and bulk to the chowder. Feel free to use your favorite – russet, yukon gold, white, or red all work well. Even a white sweet potato would be delicious! We peeled ours, but you can leave the skin on for extra fiber (just be sure to scrub them well before using)!

Cashews – This vegan corn chowder calls for a Vegan Cream made with raw cashews, but you can easily switch it up with canned coconut milk or cream.

Vegan Corn Chowder 

How To Make Vegan Corn Chowder

Making vegan corn chowder couldn’t be any easier!

  • Start with sauteing the onion, celery, and red bell pepper for 7 minutes, adding the garlic and thyme after 5 minutes.
  • Add the corn, potatoes, bay leaves, and pour the vegetable broth over top and cook at a slow boil for 15 minutes.
  • Add the vegan cream (or coconut milk) after 10 minutes of simmering.
  • Once done, let cool a few minutes and remove the bay leaves.
  • Lastly, transfer 2 – 3 cups of the soup to a blender and puree. Add the puree back to the soup and enjoy!

Adapting to Dietary Restrictions:

For the people who need to make dietary changes, I trust this part assists you with getting this chowder on the dinner revolution. Assuming you have questions make certain to ask in the comments.

Nightshade-Free: Replace the red ringer pepper with 2 diced carrots or overlook it out and out. Likewise, skirt the paprika and add 1 – 2 tablespoons of healthful yeast for an additional character.
Nut-Free: Substitute coconut milk or cream instead of the cashew cream. You can likewise skirt these and puree half of the soup which will make a thick and smooth chowder.
Oil-Free: Use the water saute choice when sauteing the veggies.

Consider serving corn chowder with a sprinkling of disintegrated tempeh bacon. So great.
Hypersensitive to cashews? Attempt crude fragmented almonds, or simply leave them out totally. The soup will in any case be very velvety from the potatoes, and you can utilize a drenching blender straightforwardly in the pot, or mix a couple of cups of the soup and add it back to the pot.
There is compelling reason need to drench the cashews, on the grounds that the soup will be so hot it will assist them with mixing.

Vegan Corn Chowder Serving Suggestions:

Garnishes: There are vast potential outcomes with regards to fixings for chowder. A few top picks incorporate Coconut Bacon, without dairy destroyed cheddar, red pepper drops, green onions, slashed parsley, as well as crushed up saltines. Go ahead and get imaginative and utilize anything you have!
Bread: For plunging and swiping up the juices, you can make natively constructed Craftsman Bread or utilize your most loved storebought.

Vegan Corn Chowder Usage:

This debauched,  soothing, rich tasting vegetarian corn chowder formula has somewhat of a story.
This simple velvety, thick and astonishing dairy chowder formula can be made any season! Utilize canned corn on the slow time of year, and during corn season!
In any case, I selected to involve utilize that unique messy corn chowder formula as an aide, stripping it down a little and afterward adding some messy flavor with that continuously winning blend of smoked paprika, mustard powder, and thyme.

Store: Leftovers can be stored in the fridge for 5 – 6 days. If you want to freeze it, we recommend putting it in an airtight container and freezing for up to 2 – 3 months. Let thaw before reheating.

The potatoes can be peeled or unpeeled. Leaving the peel on with add more nutrition, just be sure to scrub them well before using.

How do you thicken chowder?

There are a few different ways to thicken vegan chowder. One popular method is to use flour or cornstarch mixed with water, which is then added to the soup. Another option is to puree some of the soup ingredients (usually cooked potatoes) and add them back into the pot. You can also add some heavy Vegan Cream if you want a richer texture. Give one of these methods a try and see which one you like best!

Corn is in season from pre-fall to fall early. During this time, you can find new corn at your neighborhood rancher’s market or supermarket. In the event that you can’t track down new corn, you can definitely relax – canned and frozen corn will turn out only great in this recipe.

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Looking for more delicious inspiration? let me know your feedback in comments,I’d like to hear from you!

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Difficulty: Beginner Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



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  1. If using cashews, soak 3/4 cup of raw cashews in warm water for 5 minutes. Drain. Puree the cashews with 3/4 cup of water. Set aside. If using canned coconut milk, skip this step.

  2. Saute: In a large dutch oven, heat oil/water over medium heat, add onion, celery, and red bell pepper, saute for 7 minutes. Add the garlic, thyme, and optional smoked paprika after 5 minutes.

  3. Simmer: Add the corn, potatoes, bay leaves, and vegetable broth, bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover askew, and simmer for 15 minutes (or until potatoes are fork-tender). Add the vegan cream or coconut milk 5 minutes before soup is done. Remove from heat.

  4. Puree: Let chowder cool a few minutes and remove the bay leaves. Transfer 2 – 3 cups of the soup to a blender and puree. Add back to the soup, stir well, and season to taste with salt and pepper. For a thicker soup, puree up to half. Soup will thicken upon standing.

    Serve: Ladle into individual bowls and top with your favorite toppings. 

    Serves 4 – 6

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