Healthy Blueberry Pie Recipe

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this healthy blueberry pie recipe is better than ever and bursting with sweet juicy blueberries that sit in a golden-brown buttery.Without any preparation pie can be difficult work, so I tried to more than once test this recipe so the outcomes are totally worth your time and efforts.

What you’ll love about the blueberry pie recipe:

This pastry flaunts strong flavors with new blueberries overflowing with pleasantness.
The expansion of apples makes a thicker filling without reducing the blueberry flavor.
It tastes stunningly better than your nearby bread kitchen’s blueberry pie and is perfect for taking care of a group.
Extras save well for dessert the following day.
Served warm or cool, it’s dependably perfect with a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt.

Healthy Blueberry Pie Recipe Steps:

you really want to (1) truly work the filling fixings together, (2) heat the pie for longer than I suspected, (3) embrace a gurgling delicious chaotic pie filling, and (4) let it cool totally for the filling to completely set up.

Blueberry Pie Ingredients Notes:

  1. Blueberries: You need 6 cups (3 pints) of blueberries, which is about 2 lbs. (900g) total. I strongly suggest using fresh blueberries, not frozen. The pie will take several more minutes in the oven if using frozen berries.
  1. Sugar: If your blueberries aren’t super sweet, such as in the wintertime, feel free to add another few Tablespoons of sugar. I find 2/3 cup (135g) is the perfect amount for sweet summer blueberries.

Storage:This an extraordinary pie to make 1 day ahead of time, in light of the fact that the filling have the opportunity to set for the time being. The pie hull batter can likewise be ready early and put away in the cooler for as long as 5 days or in the cooler for as long as 90 days.

Healthy Blueberry Pie Recipe

Healthy Blueberry Pie Recipe Tips:

A dash of salt and pinch of sugar belong here to bring out natural flavors and enhance the sweetness.

Have a foil collar or aluminum baked good safeguard primed and ready to forestall over-sautéing around the top edges of the cake. You would rather not underbake the pie or you might have a sticky base crust.

Utilize Tasty Fixings: You don’t have to add a lot to this pie filling to accomplish astonishing flavor. The berries are now enamored with their own, so we just have to add ⅔ cup sugar. The zing and juice of a new lemon + a sprinkle of cinnamon both add an unobtrusive punch that truly intensifies the regular kind of the blueberries.
Utilize 2 Thickening Fixings: In the past adaptation of this recipe, I utilized ¼ cup of cornstarch to thicken the succulent filling, yet we were all the while getting peruser remarks that their pies were turning out excessively runny. I chose to utilize a blend of both cornstarch and flour. However long you prepare the pie sufficiently long, the jammy topping sets off and thickens perfectly.
Work the Fixings Together: Between the flour, cornstarch, and sugar, there’s a great deal of dry fixings. To guarantee there’s not an excess of dry powder, you might need to crush a couple of blueberries to assist with absorbing everything.

Make the Pie Crust Ahead of Time. It has to chill for at least 2 hours, but it keeps well in the refrigerator for up to 5 days and the freezer for up to 3 months, so make it in advance and it will save you time on the day you actually make this pie.

Cold butter is crucial to creating the best dough but only when combined with cold water to form a dough.

cook at 425°F (218°C) for 25 minutes, then the rest of 375°F (190°C). The justification behind the underlying hot stove burst is to set the covering and urge the cornstarch to start working faster.

 Cool for at least 4 hours at room temperature because the pie filling continues to set up as it cools.

You need Pastry blender for making pie dough and a  rolling pin.

You need to follow these important tips to have the best blueberry pie recipe all year arround.

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Prep Time 25 min Cook Time 50 min Total Time 1 hr 15 mins Servings: 8 Calories: 366 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



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  1. Set an oven rack to the lowest position and preheat the oven to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).

  2. Mix sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, and salt and sprinkle over blueberries.

  3. Line a pie dish with one pie crust. Pour berry mixture into the crust and dot with butter. Cut remaining pastry into 1/2- to 3/4-inch-wide strips. Use the strips to weave a lattice top. Crimp and flute the edges.

  4. Bake pie on the lowest oven rack until filling is bubbling and crust is golden brown, about 50 minutes.


Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving
Calories 365.99
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 16.6g26%
Cholesterol 3.8mg2%
Sodium 317mg14%
Total Carbohydrate 52.6g18%
Protein 3.31g7%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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