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coffe drinkers may live longer

Coffee lovers will be content with another review that relates their day to day habit, regardless of whether delighted in with just enough sugar, with a brought down hazard of premature death .

Adding Table Salt to Food May Lead to Shorter Life Expectancy

A new study found that adding table salt to a food after it was already prepared decreased life expectancy in women by 1.5 years and by 2.28 years in men

Eat Olive Oil To keep your health in shape

A standard admission of olive oil might assist you with living longer, decreasing the gamble of kicking the bucket from different sicknesses - from malignant growth to coronary illness.

Protect Your Brain with Fatty Fish

Fish oil is a popular over-the-counter supplement extracted from fatty fish like sardines, anchovies, mackerel and salmon.

chowing slowly

Chewing Slowly

To eat slowly, you need to chew your food thoroughly before swallowing. Chewing slowly can help you reduce calorie intake and lose weight

Avocado a Day Could Help Lower Your Cholesterol

Chewing Slowly

Holding your cholesterol levels under wraps is a vital piece of remaining heart-solid.Eating avocado a day can help you achive that,studies say.

5 Health Risks of Eating Too Fast

5 Health Risks of Eating Too Fast

Check out any Restaurant, and you’re probably going to see at any rate a portion of the people chowing down like it’s the most recent 30 seconds of a speed-eating challenge.

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